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Live Radio Reads in the Lead

When it comes to marketing your products or services locally and affordably, you can’t beat radio. In 2019 the format reached, on a weekly basis, nearly 93% of all adults ages 35-64. But to make the most of this marketing medium, studies are increasingly showing that live reads are the way to go. If you’re looking to better capture your audience and convert listens to sales, here’s everything you need to know.

Live Reads vs. Recorded Spots

You can reach your intended audience quickly and easily through radio, whether you use live reads or recorded advertising pieces. However, live reads come with a wide variety of advantages that help them to consistently out-perform their pre-recorded contemporaries. When opting for live, marketers…

  • Can tweak campaigns for every read if changes are needed
  • Provide a more engaging, personal feel in every recommendation
  • Will seamlessly integrate promotional content into entertaining radio shows, reducing station surfing and disconnection

Research shows that midday airing prompts the best return on investment for radio advertising campaigns, and that live reads are up to three times more effective than recorded spots at these times. It’s really no surprise – when you speak live, you foster stronger brand loyalty by creating a more personal connection between speaker and listener.

Choose Media Partners Worldwide for Your Live Read Needs

Founded in 1997, Media Partners Worldwide has since garnered over twenty years of success stories. Our decades of dedication have brought with them resources and connections, and we’d love to use these tools to take your business’s marketing to the next level. We’ll meet your radio campaign with excitement, experience, and attention to detail, guaranteeing you unmatched reach and results.

Contact us today to learn about our analytics tracking, performance campaigns, and influencer reads. The radio industry is alive and well, and it’s time for your company to be live right alongside it!

Why Advertising Is Important To Your Business

h7roztmgxwe-wojtek-witkowski While it’s true that ad agencies are an investment, you and your business could save considerable money by working with an agency who will likely have close ties to media channels, providing cheaper rates than an individual trying to work with them on their own. Media Partners Worldwide, for example, specializes in remnant radio which is advertising space that has gone unsold and as such is made available to us at a steep discount off of their normal rate cards close to airtime. This is due to our relationships with various broadcast partners. Agencies, like us, with a firm grasp on marketing, can keep costs down by running your ads at best times to provide an effective advertising campaign. Since your brand is everything to you, as a business owner, developing and protecting your content can be complicated. Ad agencies understand this and know how to create brand awareness while offering you research to determine your most effective market. This is especially great for small business who may not have the time or manpower to do this themselves. To learn more about advertising, specifically remnant, and what we, at Media Partners Worldwide offer, check out our website at www.mediapartnersworldwide.comm or give us a call at (562) 439- 3900  ]]>

Writing Radio Ads that Work

writing Because the power of radio relies so heavily on the quality of the copy, it is in your best interest to find a writer who recognizes this medium and understands how to target your specific audience. Here are some tips for writing ads that will work and generate sales. 1. When Hiring a Writer The best writers are those with broadcast experience. Radio relies on skill and salesmanship so you need someone who has an understanding of  direct response marketing. You also need to be willing to spend some money, as good writers aren’t cheap. When hiring a writer, remember to let them write. Good writers will listen to you, but they will also do what is necessary to create the best ad to sell your product. Don’t get in their way and take over the project. Let them do what you hired them for. 2. Timing Most radio spots are broken up into 30 second or 60 second segments. 60 seconds gives you twice the amount of time to get listeners attention. 30 seconds are usually good for well known products or a simply offer. We typically advocate for a 60 second commercial, as you need to mention the phone number or call to action, such as go to your website, at least three times. A 30 second advertisement is usually too short to include everything you need. 3. Call Now! Since the main focus of direct response advertisement is to make the phone ring with inquiries, everything in the spot should prompt the listener to pick up the phone and call. Offer free consultations, free information or limited time offers to instill a sense of urgency in the customer. You want them to ACT NOW. 4. Selling Comes First When you only have 60 seconds to work with, every single second counts. Get the listeners attention, make an offer and generate a response. That is your objective.  A good way to test if your ad is concise enough, remove the product from the copy. If you still have a complete concept, then your ad isn’t selling. The product, website, offer, phone number or selling idea should make up the entire spot. 5. Know Your Audience This is key in any form of advertising. With radio, you have two options: Talk Radio and Music Radio. With Talk Radio, your audience is ready to listen. Catching the listeners attention or blending into the surrounding talk are two ways to infiltrate talk radio. You want to encourage further listening. With music radio, your ad will be an interruption. Your spot must peak the listeners interest before they can change the station. 6. Choose a Creative Format There isn’t a set way to write a radio ad, however, here are a few creative formats that have been proven to work and get your listeners calling. Straight Announcer- With a clear, straightforward copy and a strong, direct voice, nothing could be simpler for your ad. The announcer should speak as if addressing one single person. Asking questions such as “Have you ever…?” or “Wouldn’t you like…?” helps create a personal connection with the listener and makes the ad feel less like a lecture. With the right voice, this effortless approach can pull listeners in quickly. Dialog – A typical example of this type of format, involves two people conversing with one another. One person is excited about a product or service and wants to share this information with the other person, who knows nothing about it. That person asks questions, while the other relays the information, thus divulging your product or services main information. If you have voices that match your demographic, speaking in a believable way, then this ad will come across as a testimony or referral, which is great for business. Person on the Street– Asking real people what they think of your product is a great attention grabber. Get the person you are talking to on the street to describe how the product worked in their own words, or how it benefited them. Ask if they would recommended this product to others. Listeners will hear real people giving their true opinions and this will act as a testimony to your product. You can take this one step further by having the person on the street address the audience directly. Add in a celebrity endorsement or an experts opinion works great as well. Vignette– This creative format, starts off with a short life scene exhibiting a problem. Then it cuts to the announcer who will describe your product as the solution. Time permitting, the life scene will continue, this time to show how your product has made their life easier. Make sure to return to the announcer to end the spot with a call to action and your 800 number. 7. Establish name identification early and often Give the name of your company, service or product early in the spot. Since you only have 60 seconds, you want to establish everything your listener needs to know about your business as quickly and efficiently as possible. Repeat this information at least three times throughout the ad. 8. Use a memorable or relevant 800 number Most radio isn’t interactive, like podcasts and apps like Pandora where you can click to call or purchase right from your phone. Most listeners are in the car or at work when they hear your ad. Therefore, they need to be able to remember your phone number if a phone isn’t within their reach.  A special 800 number relevant to your product, is very helpful. 9. Call to Action Answer the question that listeners might have: “What do you want me to do right now?” Of course, you want them to call! Don’t be subtle about it either. For example, the announcer could say, “For a free brochure on how to get rid of extra weight fast, call 1-800-LOSE-FAT.” 10. Limited Time Offers People respond well to limited time offers. It provokes a sense of urgency and urges a call to action. People don’t like to miss out on good deals. Establishing a deadline forces an immediate response. I hope you found these tips for writing radio advertisements helpful! For more information, call us at 800-579-3031.]]>

Remnant Advertising = Affordable Media Buys

Remnant advertising is not a widely used or understood form of media buying. A few years ago a small business and entrepreneurship columnist in USA Today endeavored to explain what remnant advertising is. Here is how he put it: Think about a carpet warehouse. It has all of those large carpet rolls, sure, but it also usually has a lot of small rolls piled up, lying around that were cut off from the big rolls. These small rolls are called remnants. Remnants are usually sold at steep discounts.

Well, the same idea often applies to advertising. Media companies rarely sell all of their big advertising space or time. Their unsold ad space or time can often be bought at steep discounts, too. That’s called remnant advertising.

Over the years, I have collected some examples of remnant ads. Though they are now defunct, the song remains the same. Here are some examples from early remnant buys in print:

  • The Washington Post – “Remnant rate advertising is sold on a space available basis at 40% off the open black-and-white space rate. Color charges are also discounted at 40% off. Availability of remnant space is at the publisher’s discretion.”

  • Alaska State Vacation Planner – “Let the BIDDING begin for the second annual remnant space ad sale in the Official Alaska State Vacation Planner! Historically, after ad sales close and the directories are laid out, space is filled with Alaska images and/or Alaska facts appropriate to that region. For those businesses that have not purchased a display ad in the Vacation Planner or a remnant ad in last year’s Planner, this is an opportunity to position your business in front of approximately 450,000 high potential visitors as well as on our consumer website at www.travelalaska.com. Take this one-time opportunity to test a display ad at a 75% reduction.”

Here’s the skinny: Advertising time and space can perish if not used. That 30 seconds of TV time allotted for 8:09 pm., if unsold, is lost, forever. So instead of taking a complete loss for unsold airtime or ad space, media outlets will often take far less than their usual retail fees to unload that remnant space.

This means you can buy what is typically expensive media for much, much less than normal. Newspapers, magazines, Internet sites, television, radio, mobile ads and other media sell remnant space. Remnant space advertising is especially good for testing new ads before committing a lot of money to a full campaign.

Often, media companies do not know until their deadlines that they will have unsold ad space. The secret then to using remnant space advertising effectively is being able to buy that time as soon as it becomes available, which is, needless to say, at the last minute. If you can do that — if you can have the money and ad ready to go at a moment’s notice — then big savings can be yours.

Steps to take: If you want to try remnant space advertising, here are the steps to take:

  1. Decide upon the ad: First, create an ad that you can use on a moment’s notice. That means that the ad cannot be time-sensitive (i.e., talking about a sale this Saturday.) But it could be an ad that you want to try out or that has staying power. If it is a commercial, get it ready. If it is a print ad, lay it out. Either way, be ready to go when the bell rings.
  2. Decide on the media: Decide upon which media generally, and which stations or print sources specifically, you want the ad to run.
  3. Make contact: Call the ad rep for the media company and let them know you want to buy their remnant space or time. Remember too, you can choose more than one and wait to see who calls you. Let the reps know that you have both the money and the ad ready to go. Follow up in a month so that they know you are serious, and so they remember your desire.
  4. Monitor the results: Once you run your ad, be sure to monitor the results to see whether 1) the ad pulls, and if 2) remnant advertising works for you.

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