Webinars: Best Practices

You’ve gathered lead information, including email addresses, for hundreds of potential customers. It’s now time to launch various marketing campaigns to capitalize on these leads and develop new revenue streams. Webinars can serve as a great means to educate, entice, and sell your products/services online. Here are a few tips:

Get an experienced speaker

It’s not easy to admit that some people are better suited than others for giving presentations. Bottom line, find someone who’s qualified. Also, avoid awkward pauses and filler words such as, “um,” “ah,” and “er,” as these convey a lack of preparedness and can be increasingly distracting.

Thrill your audience

Incorporate striking visuals and entertain your audience while maintaining a professional demeanor. People have taken time out of their day to watch your presentation, so be creative and engage the audience with compelling content and eye-catching graphics.

Elicit a direct response

Upon the webinar’s completion, make sure your leads know what do to do next. Where do they go to redeem their coupon code, get a complimentary white paper, or purchase your product? Also, have an outreach plan in place to follow up with everyone who sat through the presentation. You should also include a post-webinar survey and gain valuable information about the effectiveness of your presentation. Once you forge an emotional and intellectual connection with your audience, eliciting a direct response should come naturally.

Present at the right time

It’s generally a good idea to schedule the webinar in the middle of the week when most people are not scrambling to catch up with work. If you’re presenting to a national audience, be sure to schedule it later in the afternoon to appeal to all time zones.

Be willing to adapt

It’s important to test new content and tweak your messaging as you present subsequent webinars. After time, you may discover that a later version of your webinar was far more effective at closing leads.

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