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Why We Love Long Beach



The city of Long Beach is one of the most diverse large cities in the United States!

Green community

There are an incredible number of parks, hiking paths, greenways, community gardens, skate parks and bike paths. The LBC Parks, Rec & Marine department covers a wide range of activities and clubs available in the city. There is also a Farmer’s Markets running pretty much every day somewhere in Long Beach. I live only a short walk from the Tuesday and Saturday market in Bixby Park (also famous for its skate park). As an East Coast native and newcomer to Long Beach, I found the accessibility to fresh fruits and vegetables on a regular basis to be a welcomed surprise!


Our CEO, Natalie Hale, loves the many different restaurants Long Beach has to offer. “I love all the variety…from Tantalums to Brix, Panama Joe’s to Gladstones.” Long Beach also houses a beautiful Aquarium of the Pacific, as well as many museums and historic landmarks. The Pike, conveniently located next to the Long Beach Convention Center, is full of restaurants, shops and more activities like a Ferris wheel, arcade and comedy club. And since Long Beach is so walk and bike friendly, it is easy to get around and see all the beautiful beaches throughout the city. “The beach area has so much to offer from family fun time to a great place for fitness activities, to a great variety of foods and drinks. You can even just relax listening to the waves and watching the birds fly around,” said one of media strategist. Many people live without a car with ease, including myself. Between the various bike paths and bike-friendly street lanes, I find getting around fun and easy. I actually ride my bike to and from work daily. longbeach


Long Beach is extremely dog-friendly. Dog are allowed on many restaurant patios and you will often find water bowls for dogs outside of many storefronts. There are several dog parks and a dog beach, including popular Rosie’s Dog Park. LBC also has dog parades and fashion shows throughout the year.


Many of us here at Media Partners, not only work in Long Beach, but we call it home too. “It’s close to the water, yet still affordable and growing more beautiful each year,” said Natalie Hale. Betty Long in Accounting says she loves the Long Beach Transit System. “I can get all around town without a car. No fuss …take the bus!”   We are fortunate that we love the city that we work in! From all of us at Media Partners, have a Happy Valentines Day!    ]]>