Podcast Popularity Leaps

Edison Research finds that daily listeners of podcasts listen to more podcast audio than any other form of audio, as the graph here illustrates. Share of Ear 2014 Those who listen to podcasts spend more audio time with podcasts than any other audio media. A year ago AM/FM radio listening still predominated among this audience, but now podcasts are tops with them. The total share of podcast listening among all Americans increased by 18% over the course of one year, which is a significant jump. Podcast listeners spend an average of 6 hours and 8 minutes each day listening to any form of audio. The average American spends just over 4 hours per day listening to audio. What this means is that while some of the shift in podcast listening has come from other forms of media (in particular, AM/FM Radio,) much of it is simply new additive consumption of audio content. When tallying the total hours devoted to podcasting, and projecting it across the U.S. population, it shows that at full adoption Americans would be listening to approximately 21 million hours of podcast audio each day – which is a very bullish assessment about podcasting’s future health and its growing place in the market for audio AND advertising.]]>