iHeartRadio at 60M Registered Users

The tipping point for online streaming appears to be here.

iHeartRadio announced this week that it has surpassed 60 million registered users, and that with the aid of its more than a thousand US radio stations, and a corporate rebranding, it has achieved brand awareness of 75% at the end of 2014, up from 5% the prior year.

Moreover, Edison Research’s The Infinite Dial 2014 reports that over the last month one out of every two US adults has listened to some form of streaming (broadcast streaming or personalized radio).

Streaming offers a whole new world of radio advertising opportunity. National advertisers are just beginning to understand the power and reach of streaming. With a little streaming encoder, you are able to reach potentially millions on mobile phones locally, nationally, and globally.

All the more reason to consider adding streaming to your media mix when considering broadcast and digital advertising options. Media Partners Worldwide is happy to assist, and we have enduring relationships with many of the major streaming leaders.