5 Ineffective Approaches of Traditional Agencies

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]An article by the CMO of aCommerce agency, discussing the 5 reasons why you should fire your digital agency. Most digital agencies are trying to create branding and exposure via display, social and search, and as such are not suited for e-commerce in the way a direct response oriented agency thinks. Within online advertising, the trend has been a shift towards performance marketing, in other words direct response. This means the goal is not to spend more, but spend better. The article cited 5 elements worth repeating here that represent the increasingly ineffective approach of traditional agencies that should steer you to consider shifting toward an agency like Media Partners Worldwide that focuses on direct response, eCommerce oriented media spend:

  • Inefficient marketing spend that drives volume but not quality traffic
  • Overly focused on social, which does not have a direct ROI, but is more relevant to the consideration part of the purchase funnel process. Direct is more focused on ROI, LTV of a customer, and acquisition costs
  • Lax attitude toward analytics and data analysis
  • Declining need for Don Draper styled branding campaigns (the marketing and communications approach epitomized on AMC’s Mad Men)
  • Focused more on traffic volume as opposed to order volume