USA’s Top Voiceover Talent was Don LaFontaine

The voiceover industry’s undisputed star was Don LaFontaine. His legacy remains the aspiration of every voice actor. There was nothing LaFontaine could not do – and he did it across all media – radio, TV, and famously in motion picture trailers – with a grace and ease that drew people to him. He created the domineering style in which movie trailers are performed to this day. Voice actors still enjoy measuring themselves by how well they can imitate Don LaFontaine’s famous line, “In a world where…”

Don LaFontaine’s legacy inspired veteran voice actors Paul Pape and Los Angeles radio veteran, Joe Cipriano (author of “Living On Air”) to create the Don LaFontaine Voiceover Lab, which is part of SAG-AFTRA’s facilities in Los Angeles. It is a state-of-the-art recording facility offering free services to advance the voiceover industry that brings together the professionalism and quality of a commercial recording studio in an educational classroom environment.

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