Streaming Gains On Broadcast in 2015

By David Alpern More and more we are seeing in rankers from Ipsos MediaCT’s TV Dailies service, which includes viewing to streaming video, that services like Netflix and YouTube are beating the major broadcast and cable networks among the 18-34 demographic, and beating nearly all the cable (but not broadcast) networks among the 35-49 demographic. TV Dailies is a syndicated service that tracks awareness and interest in upcoming new and returning TV shows weekly among a representative sample of 3,300 TV viewers ages 13-64. Netflix is having a quantifiable impact on linear television. Alliance Bernstein reported early 2015 18-49 cable and broadcast prime TV ratings are down 10.5% YOY and kids’ cable networks (2-11 total day) are down 17.7% YOY. How does Pandora’s daily reach compare to AM/FM Radio? AM/FM’s daily reach (74%) dominates Pandora’s daily reach according to Edison Research’s 2015 Share of Ear study. Percentage of Americans Who Listen Daily Why isn’t Pandora having the same impact on radio as Netflix is on television? Pandora does not create the abundance of original content, as Netflix does. Rather, the music service seems to be replacing time spent with consumer’s own recorded music. Netflix has a handful of competitors (Amazon Instant Video and Hulu), but Pandora has a significantly larger collection of competitors (including one’s own music library).]]>