DR Solutions at Natural Products Expo West

By Clint Gearheart and David Alpern Media Partners Worldwide is attending this weekend the largest event in the organic and natural products marketplace, Natural Products Expo West. Expo WestHeld each year in Anaheim, the event hosts more than 3,000 companies and 70,000 attendees. The natural products industry is experiencing growth of 9% per year, driven in part by new and emerging brands. This year there are more than 600 entrepreneurial exhibitors, many of whom have yet to understand how direct response (DR) advertising plays a key role for nutraceutical products. Nutraceuticals, all natural products and homeopathic solutions have been using direct to consumer marketing channels successfully for many years. One reason is there are many emotional problems that can be solved. A ‘natural’ component that helps DR work is the ability to create emotion around a product or solution. Another reason is continuity products are the gift that keeps on giving in DR.  The demo for many of these products and solutions are huge allowing for many remnant DR strategies to work in a scalable fashion driving profitable bottom lines.  Another is lots of these products work very well online and offline creating diverse long term DR marketing strategies and outcomes. If you are attending Expo West and wish to discuss how your product can benefit from a media plan that spurs prospective consumers into buyers, then we would love to meet up with you there. Attending is our agency CEO, Natalie Hale, and our Chief Revenue Officer, Clint Gearheart.]]>