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What Does Corona Virus Mean for Advertising?

  We have lived through Swine Flu, Ebola, SARS, and now Corona Virus. What makes Corona Virus unique is the fact that it is officially a pandemic. The point of this article is not to spread fear (there is enough of that) or tell you what you already know. The

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Messenger Marketing: Why It’s Hot

Mobile messaging is not a new technology or practice. We’ve all been doing it for years now. However, recent applications of its use in commerce has shown compelling reasons to think about implementing messenger marketing in your mix. 1. Popularity Messaging used in business is becoming more common everyday. Why?

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Is Your Target Audience Feeling Tech-Fatigue?

All great things come to an end. Even the hyper-connected tech savvy consumer will eventually get tired of being on their phone constantly. A recent study from iHeartRadio sheds light on media consumption trends. The results highlight the effects of “tech-fatigue”. This refers to consumers scaling back phone usage. This

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